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Gracerooms stands for trippy, spacy, groovy, ambient music. It all started as a homegrown studioproject by Gregoor van der Loo, aka Gracerooms. In 2012 Gracerooms became a live-act when he was asked to play at the Mushroomland festival in Lokeren (Belgium). Recently Gracerooms ended up as support-act for the Ozric Tentacles (UK) and played at Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord and at Mandala festival.

Live, Gracerooms uses lots of vintage analog synths, selfrecorded and twisted samples and is supported by longtime good friend Paul KLaessen on bassguitar. Paul also plays bass on lots of tracks on the Gracerooms albums. 

We hope to see you out heres and theres and make you feel like...waking  up in an unknown place with a different face in a different phase through some...time and space were ther's only One love and Grace caught up in a long positive chase that brings ya through otherfalls in the most beautiful forestly place………..

Peace and Positive Vibrations,


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